My name is Janet Camilleri, and I am an SEO copywriter and the award-winning business owner of Front Page Web Writing. 

SEO Copywriter Brisbane Janet CAmilleriAs my business name implies, I write for the web – with a focus of getting your business on the Front Page of Google search results – a process known as SEO copywriting.

Although based in Brisbane, Queensland, due to the wonders of modern technology I work with clients across Australia.

SEO Copywriter Brisbane

My passion is SEO copywriting, and I have recently received my certification as an SEO copywriter from Hubspot.

I love working with businesses, to create and implement an SEO strategy to boost their online presence. It’s an exciting challenge to be able to draw targetted traffic to their website, with a high likelihood of conversion. It has been said that I care even more about how my clients’ websites are performing, than they do!

You haven’t landed here by chance – I practise what I preach, and if you’ve found this site by searching online, you have proof that Search Engine Optimisation really does work!

However I can also assist with a number of other digital marketing services, including:

  • Writing Web Content:

In addition to writing web content, I can assist with newsletters (including email newsletters), press releases, magazine articles, reviews, resumes and proof reading. I have 20 years’ experience in professional writing and editing, and am a full member of the Qld Society of Editors.

  • Websites & SEO:

I am experienced in building and maintaining WordPress Websites, and optimising web content so your site ranks on the front page of Google (known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO), and managing Google Adwords campaigns.

  • Social Media Support:

Currently I provide social media support for a range of clients, primarily on Facebook (including the creation and management of Facebook advertising campaigns).

Digital Marketing

Member of Clever Copywriting SchoolPut these all together and you have “digital marketing”!

Whether it’s WordPress Websites – Search Engine Optimisation – Blogging – Social Media – Email Newsletters – Facebook – Writing Web Content – I would be delighted to provide you with a personalised quote.

Or, feel free to contact me about any other writing needs you may have.

Front Page Web Writing: for SEO copywriting and digital marketing you CAN afford! Contact Janet today.